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Azelastine hydrochloride
(±)3-isobutylglutaric acid
1,2-benzisoxazole-3-acetic acid
3,4-Dihydroxy-5-nitro benzaldehyde
Oil soluble Laurocapramum
Product name : Laurocapramum
CAS NO. : 59227-89-3
Structural formula :
Molecular formula: C18H35NO
Molecular weight: 281.48
Appearance: Colorless or slightly yellow clear oily liquid
Assay: 97.0% or more
Standard: "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" current version
Package: 20 kg/drum or according to customer requirements
Features and Benefits: This product is non-polar transdermal enhancer. Special effects on human skin to promote penetration of animal skin and plant stems and leaves of the epidermis also significantly promote the role. Generally at a lower concentration of active substances, nutrients, formulations of the wet permeability significantly improved.Addition of azone product formulation to the surface of the target can significantly reduce the surface tension so that the functional components of the product are in full contact with the surface of the target and increase the area covered by nutrition; meanwhile, the self-permeation and infiltration function of the azone are changed The role of the object surface wall properties, and promote products more active substances through the surface of the screen wall, quickly into the body to reach the target.
Usage advice

1. In the field of medicine, application of this product can make external use of drugs for cardiovascular, anti-inflammatory analgesic, deworming, anti-virus and anti-cancer. Can greatly reduce the side effects of internal medicine on the human body, especially for some poorly transdermal drugs, such as anti-rheumatism, anti-hypertensive drugs, anti-cancer drugs, contraceptives, antibiotics, etc., can make its efficacy significantly improved , On chronic illness psoriasis, dermatitis and other improved efficacy is more significant; applied to transdermal delivery of new formulations, will completely change the history of pediatric fever medication difficult. Recommended dosage 1-15%. 
2. In the field of cosmetics, the product is applied to functional, nutritive and therapeutic cosmetics such as speckle cream, scar net, sunscreen cream, cream, cream, slimming cream, massage cream, acne cream, Hair dye, etc., can increase the absorption of active nutrients on the skin or hair . Recommended dosage 1-10%. 
3. in the field of pesticides, the product can be used for a variety of insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides; if made into hypertonic pesticides, which can improve efficacy, reduce environmental pollution, eliminate pest resistance and reversibility.Recommended dosage 1-10%.

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